About Tango, perfection and building an online-shop

About Tango, perfection and building an online-shop

Normally I am quiet generous with the shortcomings of other people, also with mine in most cases. But there are exceptions - concerning dancing and sewing...

I´m a leisure dancer, not a professional and so the yardstick is, like everything in life, just a point of view. I try to learn more and it will never be perfect. Probably the flawless dancing of a tango doesn´t exist anyway, even if the videos of the professional dancers seem to tell us this. I guess, they discover as many shortcomings as we do but on a different level.
With sewing it is quiet similar. I can keep staring at a seam until I am - subjectively - convinced, that it isn´t straight. But on the whole I know, that I will find many more sewing mistakes and slopiness in any piece I buy, than in the ones I do myself. And finally I always can rip it up.

In comparison dancing tango is grateful, because its fugacious. A bad done ocho ? Gone and over, what really counts is the next step. Apart from some rare videos, which confront me with all shortcomings at once, mistakes will vanish in the universe...
Probably humanity has to exist with this kind of non-perfection...

Nevertheless there are things, that are completely indifferent towards this human deficiency. A computer is one of these. And there are people who accept this uncomplainingly. Who are best friends with those machines. My son is one of them - I´m definitely not.

I build up an online-shop for you - my son announced - and so he did. Behind that there are - at least I felt it like that - 500 hours of working in a tangled mass of html-codings. Just looking at those pages caused me severe headache attacks...This machine doesn´t accept shortcomings. Not a minimal mistake. It requires perfection of non-perfect humans..All of you who work in this field will know better than I what I am talking about. Probably this is the reason why the perfect website doesn´t exist either...

As a tango dancer there is the moment I HAVE to step on the dancefloor even knowing that there are many movements I do not master yet. The only way to change this is practice.
It is quite similar with the shop we built up. I´m sure there will be hundreds of problems showing up but only practice will help to remove them.

In any case we are very happy to finally upload the page.

Ursula and Phillip

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